Homebuilt Marquart MA-5 "Charger"

The Marquart MA-5 "Charger" is an experimental biplane built from plans designed by the late Ed Marquart.

NX6781 Was built over a period from 1973-1982 by Remo Galeazzi.

The aircraft won the Oshkosh Plans Built Grand Champion award in 1987.

Upgrades and rebuild work is being constantly done on this aircraft to maintain it in excellent airworthy condition.

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Engine Compartment - Left Side Engine Compartment - Right Side Gear Pivot - Tube and Pin Lathe Fabrication Gear Pivot Detail - Left
Gear Pivot Detail - Right Landing Gear - Crack Repair Preparation Radio Stack - Storage Box - Wire Harness Rebuilt Landing Gear Legs
Rudder Pedal Mount - Milling Smoke System - Pump and Solenoid Install Throttle Body Injector and Fuel Regulator CAD Throttle Body Injector Override Mechanism